Spruce AnyWare™ - Exploiting the outer limits however near or far

Spruce AnyWare™ - a super-charged enhancement to the core software. See how you can Integrate multiple business sites, equip remote sales staff, and sharpen product-to-customer logistics:

  • Process orders right from the job sites of your customers
  • Remote workers can access all or selected areas of your company systems
  • Yard workers can print and store bar coded or labelled items
  • Stock take and monitoring levels in real time
  • Adjust orders and arrange deliveries
  • Run calculation and pricing scenarios whilst on site with client
  • Get client receipt signature
  • Capture site photos to prove delivery, share knowledge of customer need, and assist with quantities or product choices
  • Check status of outgoing orders
  • Check stock levels back at base
  • Drivers interface with Google maps to optimise routes and allocated deliveries

Find out what Spruce AnyWare™ can do for your business. Contact us today with your questions and experience a Demo.