Smart software for managing your Timber, Hardware and Building Materials business

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Spruce is end-to-end management software for your lumber and building materials business.

Since 1985, Spruce® software has empowered independent timber, building materials and hardware businesses to compete with the big nationals - and win.

Spruce equips your employees to work as a team that can successfully compete against larger operations with advantages of scale.

This cloud-based system, built with merchants in mind, automates time-consuming daily processes and enables your staff to focus on tasks that enhance customer loyalty.

Business modules are integrated within one easy-to-use system that include:

  • point-of-sale
  • inventory
  • purchasing and receiving
  • accounting

This streamlines processes, allowing you to work at peak efficiency. That’s why so many Spruce customers think of our software as the engine that powers their growth.


Timber, Hardware & Building Materials industry

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